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20% Off Duette Shades with

PowerView® Gen 3 Automation

This May only, we’re offering our innovative Duette and Duette Architella 20mm shades with PowerView Gen 3 Automation at 20% off. If you’ve been considering a window refresh that combines high-style and premium insulation, now is the time to elevate your home with automated Luxaflex Duette Shades.


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Duette® Shades with PowerView® Automation: A Perfect Pairing

Our premium Duette and Duette Architella honeycomb blinds provide best-in-class thermal insulation, proven to prevent heat loss and lower your energy consumption. For enhanced convenience, efficiency, and energy-savings, we suggest pairing 20mm Duette® Shades with PowerView® Gen 3 Automation. The intuitive operating system, guided by the PowerView® App, allows you total control of your shades anytime from anywhere. The easy-to-use features are designed to help you control your energy consumption throughout the seasons, optimising efficiency and ensuring you always come home to comfort.

Duette® Cellular Shades: Insulation Never Looked So Good

Elevate Your Decor:

With a wide variety of colours, textures, fabrics, and opacities as well as both 10mm and 20mm cell sizes, there are options to suit any decor. Click here to order a sample from our extensive range of fabrics and materials.

 Insulate Your Home:

Duette and Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades offer the very best in year-round window insulation. The innovative cellular construction traps air between layers of pleated, reinforced fabric, creating an effective barrier against heat-transfer. Additionally, the air-pockets serve as a sound absorber and help to control both interior and exterior noise.

Control Light, Privacy & UV Rays:

With fabric options ranging from translucent to block out, Duette Shades can be customised to suit your preferences. For the ultimate in room-darkening, LightLock side-channels can be added. And for the best of all worlds, we offer the Duo-Lite system, seamlessly combining 2 distinct shades into one headrail system. Top Down/Bottom-Up operation provides the ability to harvest natural light and heat while also providing privacy in the one window.

Duette 2

PowerView Gen 3 Automation: Making the World’s Most Beautiful Window Coverings the Most Intelligent

Control From Anywhere, Anytime

With the PowerView App on your phone or tablet, you can control your blinds in real-time from wherever you are.

 Set It and Forget It:

Schedule your blinds to automatically open and close at the precise daily sunrise and sunset as calculated by the PowerView App or set specific timings to suit your lifestyle and insulation requirements.

 Talk It Out:

For the ultimate in convenience and control, PowerView seamlessly connects with Apple Homekit, Google® Assistant and Amazon® Alexa® so you can control your blinds by voice command.